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Multiple Strip Layouts in a Single Design Project Supported in 3DQuickPress

Hong Kong, Nov. 12 2015 – Putting more assembly processes in the progressive stamping process is the ideal workflow to compress the production time of metal parts requiring assembly works. Conventional single strip design utilizes the complete die set to produce single metal parts. By adding more parallel strips into the die set will fully utilize the stamping cycles to multiply the production capacity. 3DQuickPress allows the addition of multiple strips in different directions to achieve assembly works to the primary strip.

Typical example is the tooling for beverage can. The main stamping process is to produce the lid while the pull tag is made in another stamping process feeding at a right angle to the lid and assembly process. This type of tooling is widely used in the Easy Open End packaging industries requiring speed, accuracy and minimizing manual handling for hygiene.

Today 3DQuickPress is widely used in world leaders with innovative tool design. 3D metal tooling is no longer a dream. 3DQuickPress customers have been enjoying the benefits of designing their tools in 3D. 3DQuickPress development team is working closely with customers in different vertical markets to put the tooling automation into another productivity level.

About 3D QuickTools Limited
3D QuickTools Limited is the developer of 3DQuickPress, and 3DQuickForm. These applications provide the most advanced and comprehensive 3D progressive die design solution in the SOLIDWORKS environment. The company has been providing high quality progressive die design solutions since 1994. All products are supported by leading industrial support partners in all major countries. For further information, visit www.3dquicktools.com.

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