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3DQuickPress Misc. Tools Toolbar

      Freeform Unfolder - Invoke Freeform Unfolder.

      Interference Detection - Detect inferference with advanced options.

      Quick Insert Components - Launch Quick Insert Components

      Insert Hole Series - Insert hole series from a sketch layout, components and hole libraries.

      Component Opening - Create openings for components.

       Translate Components - Translate components with extended options.

      File Properties - Shows / Edits the summary information of the selected components.

       Assembly Utilities - Deletes, separates or finds where components are used.

      Modify DSS - Modifies die set structure.

       Modify Dimension - Propagates 3DQP parameter / SolidWorks dimension change to all documents.

      QuickTool Selection - Starts QuickTool Selection tools.

       Multi-body Tool - Starts Multi-body Design tools.

       Mfg. Color Tool - Color tools to paint manufacturing information.

       PRL Table  - Wizard to set up table for Table Driven PRL.

       Enhanced Display Mode - Toggle enhanced display mode.